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Here at Someday Ranch, you will be greeted by our


Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a horse? Maybe it has just been a long time since you last climbed up in the saddle. Or maybe you had a riding accident and need that extra helping hand to get back in the saddle! No matter what your needs are, we can help you! Here at Someday Ranch you will be greeted by our gang!  They spend most free moments tending to our horses, livestock and working the ranch. Let our  Instructors teach you all they have learned about the Cowboy way of life! Along with our Wrangler's help,you  will learn how to be a real Cowboy or Cowgirl just like you use to watch on t.v.  So, dust of those boots, grab your Cowboy hat and lets get started today!  If your looking for a place where you want to learn how to do more than just ride a horse, this is the ranch for you. At Someday Ranch you will learn how to ride and take care of a horse in all areas that our big friends and companion could need!


Teach the children of today,

for they are the horses future of tomorrow.


Chantel Tieman



Welcome to Someday Ranch


Take a few moments to sit back, kick your boots up and become a Cowboy or Cowgirl with us. At Someday Ranch you will learn how to become a pro at riding and caring for horses. This ranch has everything you need, looking  to take a one day riding lesson on our horses, or maybe clean up some problems with your horse. Do you have a little bull rider that would like to try their hand at riding our crazy sheep, or maybe even lasso the ranch goats? If there is a little one in your family that has always dreamed of riding a horse or becoming a Cowboy, no dream to big or small, to old or young for this ranch.  So sit back, start dreaming and scroll thru the ranch web site, and then give us call to book your ride today! The ranch web site is rather big, so make sure you check out every page!



It is not where you are born that will make you a

 Cowboy or Cowgirl.

But what is in your heart and what you learn, that will turn you into a

Cowboy or Cowgirl!



Thanks! This spot is reserved to say "Thank You" to all the Someday Ranch families! Without you in the sun and rain, happy times and injured horse time, we would not be here! From our ranch to yours thank you......

Ray & Chantel

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   Someday Ranch

    Brentwood,    Ca.   94513


Email: somedayranch@comcast.net

Located in Contra Costa County
 Closed on Sundays

Lessons by appointment only

Rebook charges on all canceled paparties 

The Ranch address is not made public and kept private, this insures privacy for children's lesson and lessons for our 

special needs riders. Someday Ranch prides itself on a quiet country setting, without cars and people coming and going.

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Here at Someday Ranch we are excited to announce part of Someday Ranch will become a non profit organization. We have spent years working with special needs adults and children, giving them therapy and riding lesson. Our lessons stand apart from all others, why you ask, after holding two lessons with us you will know why! Soon we will be able to have those riders recieve lessons sponsored for, at no cost or little cost to their families. We are also building a program designed for Veterans, for their needs and wants while they are here spending time at our ranch, for a visit or a ride with our horses. We are currently looking for volunteers who are interested in helping in different areas of our programs. We are so thrilled the Ranch has yet another new chapter heading our way! 

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